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  • There’s no smoke without fire and when it comes to feeling your Kamado Joe, you cannot get any better than their own, high quality, extra large lumpwood charcoal blocks.


    Commissioned exclusively from Argentina by Kamado Joe themselves, this premium 100% genuine hardwood charcoal will burn hotter and longer than any other conventional charcoal on today’s market.


    Both reliable and consistent which is exactly what you’ve came to love and expect from ourselves as well as from Kamado Joe.

    Big Block XL Lumpwood Charcoal

      • 100% Genuine hardwood charcoal.
      • Exclusively commissioned from Argentina. 
      • Extra large, premium lumpwood charcoal.
      • Clean burning.
      • Burns far HOTTER and for LONGER than any other conventional charcoal on the market.
    • 9KG

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