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  • When it comes to elevating your outdoor grilling experience to that of riding amongst the stars in the stratosphere, there is only one piece of kit you will need and once again, Kamado Joe has done it. 


    Working with the boffins over at Harvard University.. (That’s Cambridge, Massachusetts!) a small team called DESORA designed and came up with the idea of Hyperbolic smoke chamber, which transforms any Kamado Joe Classic (I and II), Big Joes and Kamado Joe Konnected into some of the worlds most optimal smokers.


    The way such works is a simple case of distributing smoke and heat in rolling and recirculating waves, producing up to 20 times more smoke circulation than a standard smoker which in turn surrounds food in clouds of delicious and mouthwatering smoke, whilst reducing any hot and cold spots throughout the duration of the cook itself. 


    You’ll find that food has taken on an enhanced flavour, unlike any you have sampled before and since such can cook from temperatures ranging from 65 degrees C, all the way up to 260C, you’ll be using your SlõRoller time and time again. 


    It’s even simple to set up and use, simply remove your Divide and Conquer Cooking System and rack and replace it with the SlõRoller as well as the new improved, racking system, not forgetting your current cooking plates and away you go. 


    It really is that simple, don’t just take our words for it, try it for yourself!

    SlõRoller and Rack.

    • Classic Joe (Fits ALL Classic and Konnected Joe grills.): 5KG

      Big Joe (Fits ONLY Big Joe I & II grills.): 7KG

      • Transforms Kamado Joes into Fantastic and world renowned smokers.
      • Designed by DESORA at Harvard, University. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
      • Easy to set up and Install (Remove the Divide & Conquer rack and replace with SlõRoller and new, included cooking Rack for mouthwatering and succulent low and slow smoking.)
      • Enhanced and delicious flavours (When slow cooking at temperatures, ranging from 65C -260C.)
      • Reduces hot and cold spots (Often associated with smoking.)
      • Includes SlõRoller Hyperbolic Insert and new, cooking Rack. (With this you will be able to fit new and existing half moon cooking grates and griddle pans)
      • 20 X more smoke circulated than other standard smokers.
      • Flexible Cooking Rack Top Diameter 450mm
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