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  • Looking to cook foods by using indirect heat on the plate or maybe you’re looking to fry delicate foods such as fish, eggs or even vegetables? Simply place the SKOTTI Plancha within your SKOTTI grill instead of the regular grill grate and you will be away. 


    You’ll be free to prepare and cook delicate and tender cuts of meat and fish as well as vegetables by using this wonderfully versatile Plancha grill in the place of your standard grill, meaning you are no longer limited on what you can cook when either on solo adventures or on trips to the beach with friends. 


    SKOTTI has portability and safety at the very heart of what makes them a great, affordable and versatile grill for everyone. 

    SKOTTI Plancha (Grill)

    • Thickness: 3MM

      Width: 21CM

      Length: 30.4CM

      Weight: 1.3KG

      (Made to fit regular SKOTTI Grill)

      • High quality stainless steel.
      • ‘Plancha’ is Spanish for ‘Iron’
      • Optimal heat distribution removing hot and cold spots.
      • Fits in the SKOTTI Grill canvas bag when not in use with ease.
      • Great for indirect cooking.
      • Great for frying foods such as eggs and filets of meat.
      • Great for cooking and preparing delicate foods such as fish, vegetables, mushrooms and prawns.
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