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  • SKOTTI Pikes (Set of 6 Skewers) are the prefect accessory when it comes to skewering meats, vegetables and even salmon for that mouthwatering, flame grilled taste, that only a charcoal grill can provide.


    That’s not all that makes these skewers great, they allow you to transform your SKOTTI Grill into a manual rotisserie as each of the six skewers are double pronged for extra hold on foods and rest simply on top of your open grill and can be manually turned (without the fear of burning oneself) thanks to their unique and simplistic design, allowing for easy rotation of foods, big or small. 

    SKOTTI Pikes (Set of 6 Skewers)

    • Length: 28CM

      Thickness: 3MM

      Weight: 1KG

      • SKOTTI Branded Skewers.
      • Comes as a set of 6.
      • Can be used on a SKOTTI Grill Transversely or Lengthways.
      • Double prongs securely holds foods.
      • 3MM thick Stainless steel.
      • For use as a manual Rotisserie and can be rotated with simple ease.
      • Food grade stainless steel for reusability.
      • Perfect for flame grilled meats as well as vegetables.
      • Perfect for flame grilled salmon and other fish.
      • Great and versatile length of 28CM! 
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