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  • The multifunctional SKOTTI box is very reminiscent of mess boxes often used but the armed forces and adventurers alike, built from food grade, 304 stainless steel, you’ll have no worries in using this nifty ‘BOK’ to store, prepare and cook food within it’s remarkably versatile 1 litre capacity.  


    The base of the SKOTTI BOK (1 Litre/Small ) has been designed and built to be exactly half the cooking surface of a regular SKOTTI Grill, which means you will be able to prepare a multitude of different foods when on the go, using the BOK as either a pot or pan. 


    The SKOTTI BOK also doubles as the perfect storage component when you are on the move and such includes a removable silicone sealing ring to prevent any unnecessary or preventable leaks as the lid is held securely in place by two firm and strong locking clips on the sides to ensure that there is no accidental openings when stored within ones bag. 


    (Please be sure to remove the silicone ring when using the BOK to cook and prepare food.)

    SKOTTI BOK 1 Litre (Small)

    • Internal (Approx): 

      Length: 19CM  

      Width: 14CM

      Internal Capacity: 1 Litre

      External (Approx) -

      Length: 23CM 

      Width: 16CM 

      Height (with lid in place): 6.1CM

      Weight: 501g (Including grip tongs stored within.)

      • Multifunctional Stainless Steel (Mess) Box: Use for storing AND Cooking food!
      • Aluminum Grip Tongs included for easily handling when hot and being used for cooking.
      • 1 litre capacity!
      • Food grade, high quality 304 Stainless steel.
      • Can be used as either pot OR pan.
      • Food grade silicone seal (Easily removable for when you use your BOK to cook).
      • Leak proof for when you’re on the go!
      • Strong locking clips (Keep food safe and untouched!)
      • Perfect for pasta, rice, potatoes, sauces, casseroles and so much more..


      (Please note: DO NOT wash Aluminium tongs in a dishwasher.)

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