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  • This versatile Bull branded, stainless steel fridge with double drawers means double storage space for those of you who would love to be able to store drink and food alike within a slimline, 304 stainless steel construction casing which comes with sleek and slimline handles for ease of opening and closing.


    This mighty fridge has been designed and built to withstand even the most extreme of weathers, even as much as being able to withstand intense, direct sunlight and high humidity which we all know is a blight on our enjoyment when in our Outdoor Living spaces.


    A wonderfully practical way to store both beverage and food alike and to keep such cool during those long summer days when you want nothing more than to crack open a cold one and delight in embracing your new found love, which is your new Outdoor Living area courtesy of Burton Living.

    Premium Double Drawer Fridge.

    • Height: 84CM

      Width: 62.5CM

      Depth: 54CM

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