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  • It’s COMPETITION time at Burton Living.


    We are offering YOU, yes YOU the chance to WIN one of our impressive, Portable Masterbuilt Charcoal Grills direct from our showroom located at Taylors Barns, Wimbish CB10 2XA!!


    All you have to do is choose a square (for example 4,G) and enter it in the box!


    All entries cost £10 and tickets/entries can be purchased via our online store at or via our physical showroom.


    One ticket/Entry means One Square/Guess. (For multiple Squares/Guesses, multiple ticket/entries must be purchased.)


    We will be drawing the competition result and WINNER on the 24th of May 2024, Just in time for Spring Bank Holiday on the 27th of May. (All entries after this date will not be counted but may still be charged.)


    (Please note: If there are multiple guesses for the same square, we will still accept this but the overall competition winner will be decided by a random draw!)


    The winner will be notified via email address/telephone number in which they entered with their competition guess.)

    Masterbuilt Competiton Ticket/Entry

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