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  • When it comes to food preparation and tidying away, you always find yourself in need of an accessible and readily available bin and more often enough, you resort to unsightly bin bags or having to venture back into the house which adds time to your already busy schedule but Bull have designed a large, pull-out waste drawer which can store a 45.5 litre plastic bin and your bin will sit encased within your Outdoor Kitchen and no one will be any the wiser unless you tell them. 

    Large Pull-Out Waste/Bin Drawer

    • Height: 40cm

      Width: 52.8cm

      Length: 52.8cm

      Depth: 68.8cm

      • Bull branded.
      • 304 Stainless steel construction.
      • Includes a 45.5 litre, plastic bin as standard. 
      • Soft closing.
      • Slide out, encased design.
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