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  • This futuristic piece of kit remains to be one of the very first ceramic Kamado grills that has full integration of built-in digital controls, which gives users a sense of real, precise and simplistic cooking and grilling that many Kamado users know and love from past or maybe current endevors. 

    The new and exciting Konnected Joe is what Kamado Joe call the future of outdoor grilling experiences. Creating a digitally-connected grilling experience for any outdoor living area via the Automatic cooking mode but if you find digital isn’t your thing, you can also go old school and use the Konnected Joe as you would any other Kamado Joe by selecting the Classic mode, which is a more traditional way of cooking and grilling, this is suited for those who want a much more hands on and “human” touch. 

    Firing up and getting your grill ready to go is as simple as 1 2 3, simply fill the Konnected Joe with Block Charcoal, press the Automatic Firestarter (AFS) button to ignite the charcoal, set your desired cooking temperature (via the digital Kontrol Board or through the Kamado Joe App) and the Kontrol Fan will do the rest.


    The Kontrol Fan which is seamingly integrated within the Konnected Joe will allow for the abilty to maintain and regulate temperature consistently, throughout the entire duration of the cook by changing the rate of airflow automatically or for those of you a little more hands on, you can use the Classic Cook mode for a more traditional cooking and grilling method.


    It really is as simple as that.

    The Automatic Fire Starter (AFS) will ignite charcoal rapidly after the push of a button via an unique heating element inside the base of the Konnected Joe eliminating the need to manually light charcoal for a simple and speedy start up. 

    The integrated Kontrol Board, provides digital control and an uncompromised ability to set and monitor cook modes, grill temperatures as well as being able to monitor meat probes, which gives a greater level of control, especially when it comes to precision cooking. 


    An added bonus to the digital additions of the Konnected Joe is that such also gives notification alerts and monitor an uninterrupted graphing of 24 hours worth of cook time, so you, the user can become a true guru of the barbecue but that’s simply not all, as via the art of Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to connect to the Kamado Joe App to view and control your grill, al from the comfort and ease of a compatible Smart Phone.


    You can use the app to set temperatures, cook times, monitor meat probes plus access a huge of selection of tried and tested recipes, cooking tips and menu suggestions.

    The Konnected Joe Digital, Charcoal Grill and Smoker will simply give all the excitement of playing with fire in one easy to use and attractive, hassle free and contemporary package.  

    Konnected Joe (Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker)

    • Weight: 110KG

      Height: 122cm

      Width: 119cm

      Diameter of ceramic Dome: 27"

      Cooking grid diameter: 24" (That's almost 2ft of Cooking and Grilling space!)

      • AFS (Automatic Fire Starter) Button: Eliminates the need to manually light charcoal (Built in heat element to light flame).
      • Kontrol Fan: Automatically maintains desired cooking temperature via the Kamado Joe App and built in Digital Kontrol Panel/ Board (107'C - 375'C)
      • Manual or Automatic Controlled Air Vents
      • 24 hour temperature graphing, including notification alerts and automatic temperature regulating control for precise cooking.
      • Kontrol Tower Top: vent maintains and regulates consistent air flow settings during the opening and closing of the dome.
      • Multiple Cooking Functions: Automatic Cook Mode for digitally connected and aided cooking and Classic Cook Mode for traditional and manual cooking experience. 
      • Heavy duty powder coated steel cart and locking wheels.

      (Please note: Mains electrical power supply is required to use the AFS and Kontrol Board Functionality.) 

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