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  • The bull branded Kegorator is an absolute must for anyone who wishes to entertain friends and family, make a statement to those nosey neighbours or maybe you’re in need of something to help wash down all those burgers and chicken kebabs you’ve cooked on one of our Outdoor Kitchens.


    This brilliant and tough unit is made from high quality, 304 stainless steel and has been designed to be free standing or integrated into one of our Outdoor bespoke Kitchens for a more permeant fixture.   


    The Kegorator is a unique, premium quality beer dispenser with built in single pull, beer tap with a refrigerated unit at the bottom, which will help keep your keg cool during those warm summer days and humid nights. 

    Kegorator. (Refridgerated Beer Dispenser)

    • Height: 88.5CM

      Width: 63CM

      Depth: 61.5CM

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