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  • Looking for a safe alternative to lighter fluid? 


    Hoping for a new way of igniting your Kamado Joe Fire grill without risk of flare ups or the risk of a chemical taste left behind in food?


    Well, these Firelighters are perfect for igniting your Joe as well as other barbecues on the market.

     Formed into small cubes of pure paraffin wax, these premium Firelighters deliver a clean, hot, and odourless burn that’s also eco friendly. 


    You’ll be guaranteed reliability and consistency, as these Firelighters will also work when wet and allow for of premium charcoal grilling experience, rain or shine. 

    Kamado Joe Firelighters

      • 1 pack contains: 24 Pure paraffin wax Firelighters.
      • Safe alternative and replacement for lighter fluid.
      • Eco friendly!
      • Odourless and smokeless.
      • No flare ups.
      • No risks of chemical taste in food.
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