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  • Just like with any classic, you just know, it’ll never go out of style and yours, as well as others appreciation of such, will just continue to go..


    And let me say, Kamado Joe is really no exception to the rule.

    (They’re Big, they’re Red and they’re Back, this time with the Classic Joe II!


    Kamado Joe haven’t strayed too far from what they know works best and they’ve found a way to elevate the whole experience and fun of charcoal grilling to yet another paramount level.


    The Classic II grill provides all the innovative features of the Classic Joe I but this time, they are bringing premium features such as the Kontrol Tower Top Vent for precise temperature control (which you’ll be able to adjust the temperature within 25 degree increments and that’s not all, an Air Lift hinge has been added to make the lifting of the dome, easy and with it, you’ll be able to revel as the setting you’ve chosen on the top vent remains steadfast, whether the dome is open or closed. 


    The new and all improved Top Vent is an all aluminium affair, leaving no rust as well as proving to be both rain and whether proof, perfect for those less than sunny and less than perfect great British summers we all know and love.


    The Classic Joe II is one mean, not so green, grilling and smoking, powerhouse of a machine!

    Kamado Joe Classic II

    • Height: 122CM

      Width: 118CM

      Depth: 71CM

      Weight: 113KG

      • 4 Premium, High quality castor wheels and 2 which lock. (Perfect for moving and transporting your Joe.)
      • 2 Tier Divide and Conquer Cooking System (Perfect for cooking different foods at differet temperatures.)
      • Kontrol Tower, top vent (Maintains consistent air flow during dome opening and closing.)
      • Rain proof and Whether proof top cap for Air vent.
      • Air Lift hinge (Helps to reduce dome weight by a massive 96%!)
      • Ash Tray (To assist with cleaning your Joe.)
      • A double thick, Fibreglass Wire Mesh Gasket (Gives a far tighter and more superior air tight seal when in use.)
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