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  • When I mention the words Kamado and Smoking, where does your mind wander to?

    Well, I can almost guarantee, with upmost certainty, you’ll think of Kamado Joe.

    (Those Big, Red and Beautiful Barbecue Grills and Smokers, who’ve made an almighty impact in the land of Big and Bold: The USA!


    However, Kamado Joe haven’t stayed in the US for long and soon found themselves in the UK barbecuing market, proving to be one of, if not the best for charcoal grilling, often leaving most competitors for dust.. or in this case, ash.


    Crafted for ease and simplicity and proving to be perfect for outdoor grilling and smoking, you’ll find that anyone can benefit from owning a Classic Joe I, from barbecue beginner to seasoned pro.


    Featuring innovative extras to help create a culinary experience unlike any other, Kamado Joe Classic Joe I is ready to be fired up from the moment go and featuring extras such as the Slide Out Ash Tray for easy clean up and the 2 Tier Divide and Conquer Cooking System, which gives you the ability to cook different foods at different temperatures without compromising on space, all by using 2 half moon heat deflector plates and 2 cooking grids (Supplied) .


    The Kamado Joe, Classic I is perefect for those who crave an easy to use, hands on and premium product that’s just raring to go.

    Kamado Joe Classic I

    • Height: 118.11 CM

      Width: 121.92 CM

      Depth: 71.12 CM

      Weight: 85.27KG 

      • Premium Ceramic Grill with Powder Coated, Galvanised Steel Cart and 2 Locking Wheels out of 4 for ease of movement.
      • High Density, Polypropylene, Folding Side Shelves.

      • 2 Tier, Divide and Conquer Cooking System.

      • 2 x Half Moon, Heat Deflector Plates.

      • Multi Part Firebox (Split into 'leaves' to prevent cracking during cooking at high temperatures.)

      • 2 x Half Moon Cooking grids.

      • Patented Slide Out Ash Tray (For ease of cleaning, just empty the ash and continuing grilling!)

      • Grill Gripper

      • Ash Tool

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