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  • When it comes to using Kamado Joe’s Joetisserie, I’m sure many of you will agree that versatility is the main reason for why you purchased such but it’s left you wanting something more, so you can double that versatility and try other things that you wouldn’t usually cook requiring a spit? 


    Well, fret no more as Kamado Joe has thought the same and once again, they have transformed the art of rotisserie cooking and designed and built the Joetisserie basket kit, so named for it’s simple application to their already established Joetisserie. 


    The kit provides two baskets: The Flat Basket and The Tumbler Basket, both of which have been fitted with ease to open large grill features unlike other baskets which are made of mesh and are an nightmare to clean. 


    The Flat basket is perfect for those of you who wish to cook a whole fish, chicken, duck and much more and the Tumbler basket is ideal for cooking chicken wings, thighs, fries and potatoes wedges as well as vegetables. 


    A quick connect rod helps to make for a quick and stress free instal and set up, which means you spend less time putting it together and more time cooking with your Kamado Joe.


    This seamless and easy to use design benefits from the simple fact that the spit does not in any way interfere with the food you are cooking, allowing joints of meat and vegetables to remain whole and without any unnecessary holes punctured through. 


    If you’re looking for a way to push the boundaries of your cooking experiences and dare to embark on new culinarily adventures, then the Joetisserie Basket kit is the perfect addition to your Kamado Joe grill and Joetisserie. 

    Joetisserie Basket kit.

    • 5KG 

      • Quick connect rods allow for seamless and easy set up and installation. 
      • Comes with two distinct baskets: The flat basket and the Tumbler basket.
      • The Flat Basket is perfect for cooking fish, chicken, duck and more..
      • The Tumbler Basket is ideal for cooking wings, fries, potato wedges and various other vegetables.
      • The spit rod does NOT interfere with food at any point during the cooking process. 
      • Made from High end, non stick materials for quick and easy cleaning.
      • Helps create succulent and juicy cuts of meat.
      • Worthwhile addition to any Kamado Joe grill.
      • Fits ALL Classic and Big Joe grills. (Multiple rods are supplied to fit both.)
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