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  • Looking for something that packs the same high quality Kamado cooking and grilling experience but with half the space needed or required?!


    Wanting a little something that serves up both excitement and adventure in an easy to transport 36kg?


    Well, let me introduce to you one of the most impressive ceramic charcoal grills on the market and it’s small stature doesn’t mean a loss of performance or innovation.


    Say hello to the Joe Jr. 


    With a mighty 13.5 inches of cooking space, that’s just over a foot!

    This small but mighty grill is the perfect addition to any trips to the beach with friends, camping holidays with family or even those solo trips when the world gets a little too much.


    With a cast-iron top vent for controlling and maintaining air flow and a thick-walled heat-resistant shell, you will have precise temperature control all whilst ensuring smoke and moisture are locked in during the duration of your cook.


    But that’s not all, the Joe Jr. comes complete with its own sturdy, heavy duty stand which is perfect for placing on a bench, table, even in those beautiful sands of a beach. 


    The Joe Jr. will give you the same high quality experience of charcoal grilling like its much larger predecessors but encourages you to push your own boundaries when it comes to outdoor cooking and dares you to go out there and be bold. 

    Kamado Joe - Joe Jr.

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