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  • When it comes to grilling tender cuts of meat, delicate fillets of fish and fresh vegetables, life can only get easier and that is thanks to the Kamado Joe, Half Moon Cooking surface.


    This thick and easy to clean soapstone stab allows for meat and fish to be cooked evenly without hot spots and without the fear of flare ups which often results in burnt food as well as posing a slight risk to those who use most conventional grills.


    Thanks to it’s smooth and non porous nature, there wont be any need to fret or worry when it comes to cross contamination as such is completely reduced and with it’s anti bacterial and stain resistant properties, you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without the soapstone slab before now.


    Juices are kept locked in throughout the cook and meat stays warm as the soapstone slab is fantastic when it comes to ongoing heat retention, even better than cast iron dare I say it and with that in mind, your cooking will enter into new heights and your culinary boundaries will be limitless. 

    Half-Moon Soapstone

    • Classic Size fits ALL Classic and Konnected Kamado Joe grills: 4KG

      Big Size fits ALL Big series Kamado Joe grills: 4KG


      • Non-Porous surface (No risk of any flavour or residue transferring over between different dishes and foods.
      • Great for reverse searing meats.
      • Evenly distributes indirect heat.
      • Keeps meat and fish moist throughout the duration of your cook.
      • Non Bacterial and stain resistant!
      • Easy to clean, simply wipe off or reverse the stone and allow the flames to do the work.
      • Easy maintenance: Rust free!
      • Natural stone.
      • NO Hot and Cold spots!
      • Even better at distributing heat than cast iron! 
      • Takes longer to heat but holds heat for far, far longer.
      • Fits within the Divide and Conquer Flexible cooking system.
      • Prevents grill flare ups, keeping you safe and your food less burnt.
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