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  • The brilliance of Kamado Joe’s innovation is never ending and yet again, they’ve paved the way forward with their Half Moon, Heat deflector plates.


    These brilliant half moon plates allows for the creation of different heat zones within your Kamado Joe grill by blocking off and creating an indirect open flame, which will elevate your cooking to game changer possibilities but that’s not all, as when it comes to using said Heat Deflector plates, you’ll be able to Mix and Match different surfaces during your cook to meet with any cooking need and style, giving you complete and unparalleled versatility.  


    It’s easy to use and install the plates, as such can simply be placed over the Divide and Conquer flexible cooking system which is an eye opener in the world of Kamado grill cooking. 

    Half-Moon Heat Deflector Plates

    • Classic size fits ALL Classic and Konnected Kamado Joe models: 3KG

      Big size fits ALL Big Kamado Joe models: 3KG

      • Includes 2 x Half Moon Ceramic, Heat Deflector plates.
      • Excellent heat retention.
      • For use with the Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System.
      • Gives you the ability to partially block off heat, which in turn, allows for an indirect open flame.
      • Ability to Mix and Match different cooking surfaces, which in turn allows for you to cook in varying different styles. 
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