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  • When it comes to pizza ovens, is Kamado Joe a name you think of?

    Well, not usually but you do will now.


    Kamado Joe have done it again and this time, they have revolutionised their beloved and well known grills and produced an attachment that will transform any Kamado Joe grill into a timeless, classic: A Pizza oven.


    Built from robust cast aluminium, the DõJoe is the perfect accessory for those who are beginners and expert chefs alike, with its unique and distinctive wedge shape, it will allow the user to maintain steady temperatures ranging from 204C to 371C for several hours of use whilst giving the pizza connoisseur optimal vision of their pizza creation as well as other baked goods as they cook within the dome, without the need to open and close.


    Held in place with high quality supports, the DõJoe allows for optimal distance between the Heat Deflectors and Pizza Stone (included) to ensure perfect crust and crisp toppings, every time. 

    Kamado Joe - DõJoe (Pizza oven attachment)

    • Classic Joe (Fits ALL Classic and Konnected Joe grills.): 7KG

      Big Joe (Fits ALL Big Joe grills.): 8.5KG

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