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  • When it comes to portability, Clementi have thought of it and made it possible.


    All whilst retaining the same seamless and sleek craftsmanship as before, this little number packs a real punch. 


    This stunning little oven can reach the same high temperatures as both the Clementi FAMILY and GOLD but in a fraction of the time (15 - 20 minutes) and you’ll be able to cook one, true to taste wood fired pizza in 60 - 80 seconds.


    The Clementino portable pizza oven is ideal for family holidays, glamping adventures or picnics with a difference and you’ll be able to produce true authentic Italian dishes, be that fresh, wood fired pizza, lasagne or risotto.


    With that in mind, you can be assured that no one goes hungry.


    All Clementino portable pizza ovens, come available as either wood fired or gas lit and are built from the same premium, high quality stainless and powder coated steel as its siblings and unlike the GOLD or FAMILY editions, this little beauty can be used in a home kitchen environment as well.

    (Providing you have the correct ventilation and safety precautions in place.)


    There are no excuses for not choosing the very best when it comes to pizza ovens.





    Clementi Clementino Portable Pizza Oven.

    • Oven size: 60×40 (1 pizza)
      Weight: 40kg
      Cooking capacity: 1×12″ pizza
      Approx’ heat up time:15-20 minutes
      Pizza cooking speed: 60-80 seconds
      Pizza stone depth: 2.5cm
      Fuel: Dual Fuel (wood & gas)
      Colour: Anthracite & Red

    • Established in 1975, Clement have decades of knowledge and experience producing some of the finest pizza ovens on the market today. Made in Italy, Clementi pizza ovens have a modern appearance whilst retaining the traditional Italian values used in wood fired cooking.

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