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  • The Clementi Gold is your way to experience traditional Italian, stone baked Pizza from the comfort of your back garden!


    With a name like Gold, you know we’re onto something promising and when it comes to pizza ovens, Clementi is what Rolls Royce is to the car market.


    Adding a Clementi Pizza Oven to your outdoor living space or maybe even integrated into one of our Burton Living Outdoor Kitchens, is a great addition to any outdoor living project and by choosing Clementi, you’ll be able to add a touch of Italian authenticity without having to leave the country.


    All Clementi pizza ovens are available as either wood fired or wood and gas lit options and with four colour options available – Anthracite, Red, White or Mustard.

    There are no excuses for not choosing the very best.


    Available in three impressive sizes: 60x60, 80x60 and the majestic 100x80.


    Become the envy of family, friends and neighbours and match your new Clementi pizza oven to your own, unique style or perhaps match it for integration, into one of our Bespoke Outdoor Kitchens.


    Want to add a cover? - Click Here!

    Clementi GOLD Outdoor Pizza Oven. 80 x60

    • Oven sizes: 60×60, 80×60 & 100×80
      Weights: 100kg / 120kg / 240kg
      Cooking capacities: x2, x4 or x5 pizzas
      Approx’ heat up times: 20-30 minutes
      Pizza cooking speeds: 60-80 seconds
      Fuel: Wood Fired
      Colours: Anthracite, Red, White or Mustard

      *Note – do not place the oven directly onto granite, marble or porcelain. We recommend raising the oven by around 2″.

      Stand options: Optional Trolley Stand or Prep stand

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