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  • Looking for a way to simplify the task of separating leftover charcoal from the ashes and be ready to cook again at a moments wish? 


    Well, now you’ll be able to, and with half the work or effort required. 


    The simple, yet impressive, charcoal basket has been made from high quality stainless steel and you’ll find you are able to filter out even the smallest chunks of charcoal from the ash, so there’s no wastage.


    By using this simple tool, you’ll be able to provide your Kamado Joe grill with a better airflow by removing these unnecessary chunks and as a result, you’ll benefit by having a far cleaner and stable burn. 


    With a stainless steel divider included, you’ll be free to create a multitude of different cooking zones and such couldn’t be any easier to use, simply attach such to the bottom of the Divide and Conquer cooking system and you’ll be away, it’s so easy to attach and detach (when not in use) that even a child could do it and we certainly don’t recommend any children getting involved.

    Charcoal Basket

      • Simple and easy way to remove any leftover charcoal from the ashes left within your Kamado Joes firebox.
      • Built of long lasting stainless steel.
      • Improves better airflow and creates a far cleaner burn.
      • Includes stainless steel divider to allow for the creation of multiple cooking zones.
      • Easy to connect and disconnect from the bottom of your Divide and Conquer flexible cooking system.
      • 5mm thick stainless steel bars on the sides.
      • 8mm thick stainless steel bars on the divider.
      • 10mm thick stainless steel bars in the base.
      • Quick and easy to clean.
    • Classic size charcoal basket fits ALL Classic series Kamado Joe grills: 7KG

      Big size charcoal basket fits ALL Big series Kamado Joe grills: 7KG


      Please note: The charcoal basket is NOT compatible with the Konnected Joe.

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