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  • Bradley Smokers deliver exceptional taste without any lingering ash aftertaste and unlike other smokers on the market, which require constant attention.


    The Bradley Smoker effortlessly produces clean, cool smoke for a hassle free and safe for you (and the environment) smoking experience.


    This particular Smoker from Bradley has a 76 litre capacity and comes with four, removable chrome plated racks, which can be removed for those in need of extra space as well as making the whole cleaning process a whole lot easier. 


    And with programmable digital display, you have precise control over the smoking process, managing three key settings:

    Oven Temperature, Oven Time and Smoking Time.


    If you find yourself prefering a more traditional approach, the Original Bradley Smoker is an excellent choice (We also have the digital version available should that be of interest.)


    When it comes to Bradley's very own CleanSmoke technology, the secret and flavour lies within the burning of bisquettes.

    Each being automatically lit and go on to burn for a maximum of 20 minutes before self exitinquishing and the next bisquettes being lit (A process which can be repeated up 9 hours).


     With the Original Bradley Smoker, you'll find that the cabinet is fully insulated, which can can enhance your smoking experience as it helps to lock in flavour which can sometimes be lost with traditional smokers.


    Bradley Smoker - 4 Rack Original Smoker

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