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  • The Digital Bradley Smoker stands as a one of a kind smoker and designed to deliver unparalleled flavour without the need for constant checking and monitoring. 

    Coming with separate oven and smoke chamber, this remarkable piece of smoking prowess uses flavor bisquettes to add flavour and texture to meats, whether that be chops, steaks and fish, even vegetables.


    By ensuring a consistent temperature throughout, the unit helps to eliminate unwanted temperature fluctuations, unwanted gasses and smells that can compromise the true essence and taste of smoked food.


    Say goodbye to an ash aftertaste and like it’s four rack predecessor, The Digitalised Bradley Smoker effortlessly produces clean, cool smoke for up to 9 hours without any extra intervention, guaranteeing a clean taste throughout your outdoor culinary experience.


    With enough capacity to hold 4 chrome plated racks or an overall, impressive capacity of 67 litres, space is really no issue or limitation.


    Versatility is a hallmark of the Bradley Smokers and both are capable of both hot and cold smoking, which comes in the form of The Cold Smoke Adapter, which is an optional extra that can be purchased from us at Burton Living.


    On our digital models, you are able to conveniently adjust the cabinet temperature through the programmable panel on the front of the Smoke Generator and with three programmable options available to you, you are able to perfect and fine tune your whole smoking process and experience to suit your very own needs.


    You have the options of setting: 

    Oven Temperature, where you are able to set your desired temperature in which the oven operates, whilst the smoker continues to maintain the operational temperature whilst displaying the current internal temperature.


    Oven Time, Simply specify how long you’d like the cooking process to remain in operation and after such a time has passed, the cooking heater element will automatically switch itself off.


    Smoking Time, Set the time for how long you’d like the unit to produce smoke, can be set to match the oven in operation or can run independently for as long as set. 


    Adorned with a sleek and seamless brushed stainless steel exterior and polished 306 stainless interior, the digital model exudes a sophisticated aesthetic with durability and ease of maintenance in mind.


    Just like the Original Bradley Smoker, the cabinet comes insulated, providing the perfect conditions for your smoking endeavors.


    Whether you're entertaining guests, indulging in gourmet creations at home, or simply savoring the unique flavors that smoking creates.


    Bradley Digital Smokers offer simplicity and ease of use, perfect for beginners or seasoned barbecue professionals. 

    Bradley Smoker - 4 Rack Digital Smoker

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