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  • Everything that made the Kamado Joe an instant classic amongst barbecue fanatics has been made bigger and more demanding of attention, the Big Joe is Kamado Joe’s most versatile cooking apparatus and can easily accommodate three full racks of ribs or steaks.


     Designed with thick walled, heat resistant ceramics that help to keep meat moist and succulent, all whilst continuing to retain in any smoke and flavour, the Big Joe is a work of expert art.


    Supreme in size, Big in power and demanding of attention, the Big Joe I provides 24 inches of cooking space (That’s 2ft of unparalleled cooking and grilling insanity!) The Big Joe I is perfect for those of you who love entertain a crowd or maybe you just like showing off. 


    Full of exciting and innovative features such as the 2 tier Divide and Conquer Cooking System and 304 stainless steel ash tray and bottom vent for easy clean up.


     The Big Joe I Grill is ideal for those who crave a majestic piece of barbecuing power and plenty of cooking space to match.

    Kamado Joe - Big Joe I

    • Weight: 167KG 

      Height: 137cm

      Width: 27cm

      Depth: 79cm


      • 33% BIGGGER than a Kamado Joe Classic! 
      • Cast Iron Daisy Wheel Top Vent and Rainproof Cap
      • 4 Castor Wheels for ease of mobility, 2 with locking mechanisms.
      • 2 Half Moon Cermaic Heat deflector plates
      • 2 Half stainless steel Cooking grids
      • 2 Tier Divide and Conquer Cooking system
      • Multipart Firebox (Firebox split into 'leaves' that interlock to prevent cracking.
      • Grill Gripper
      • Ash Tool
      • Built in thermometer in dome
      • High density polypropylene folding side shelves


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