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  • This Bull branded, stainless steel, 97CM Double access door with double walled lining comes complete with a soft, magnetic close allowing you to to make the most of your Outdoor Kitchen, providing the perfect addition of adding a slimline door to either gas tank storage, utensil and accessory storage as well as giving you large scale access into the internals of your Outdoor Kitchen with ease.

    97CM Double Access Door.

    • Height: 50.5cm

      Width: 98cm

      Depth: 58cm

      • 304 Stainless steel construction.
      • 16 Gauge stainless steel.
      • Bull branded.
      • Double walled, access door.
      • Soft, magnetic close.
      • Removable shelving.
      • Two slimline and sleek stainless steel handles.
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