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  • When it comes to your Outdoor Kitchen and the need to compromise on much needed space and internal access to within, you’ll be able to do so without the need to buy extra components and without the need to add extra build space and create a larger Outdoor Kitchen. 


     The Bull designed 76CM Access Door and Drawer Combo features the same sleek and robust design as many of Bull’s premium products, retaining the ability to decide whether you want the door to have a Left or Right swing as such is completely reversible and with a soft door close on both the drawers and Access Door. 


    This Door and Drawer combo provides both storage and functionality, adding a sleek and attractive design to your already established Outdoor Living space. 

    76CM Door/Drawer Combo.

    • Height: 50.9cm

      Width: 78.9cm

      Depth: 52.8cm

      • Bull branded.
      • 304 Stainless steel construction.
      • Access door with Double drawer combo.
      • Double lined door.
      • Enclosed design with soft close drawers.
      • Slimline, stainless steel grip handles for ease of opening and closing.
      • Double up on extra storage.
      • Left or Right swing (Reversible doors).
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