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  • Looking to make your outdoor living space a little more private or maybe you wish to add another element of protection against unpredictable elements or maybe you just wish to close off your pergola to nosy neighbours?


    The Privacy Screen for 3.6m Titan Pergola is the perfect addition to any of pergolas within our Titan pergola range and are all designed to match your Titan pergolas colour scheme. 


    The screen itself is made from a textilene material, that is fully weather resistant and can be left outdoors, unaffected, all year round with very little maintenance required and can be simply attached to your 3.6m Titan pergola via an aluminium framework, which comes complete with an aluminium roller which will need to be drilled into place in the underside of the pergola as well as drilled into the pergolas legs, once this has taken place, such is then clipped into carefully aligned attachments. 


    Once the screen has been fixed into place, you will be able to pull open the roller screen by pulling down and create a more private and shielded area but if you wish to open the area up again, simply push the roller back up. 


    The screen is also ideal for those of you who wish add extra shade to your outdoor living area or pergola, protecting young children or just maybe you are looking for an extra level of protection from the unrelenting rain and wind.


    Whatever the need or situation, we recommend purchasing a privacy screen but we ask that you are aware, that one purchase will mean only one privacy screen is bought but if you seek further protection or wish to add more to your private space, we highly recommend purchasing multiple screens to close off your Outdoor Living space and pergola entirely. 


    This is ideal for those of you who own hot tubs and have neighbours that overlook your garden or maybe you fancy surprising your partner with some naked grilling? (We’re looking at you, Jamie Oliver… Pardon the pun.)


    Full instructions on how to install and set up the Privacy screen are all included with the product. 

    3.6m Roller Privacy Screen for 3.6m Pergola

    £949.00 Regular Price
    £649.00Sale Price
    Screen Colour
    • Grey (RAL Colour code: 7015)

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