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The Bastard of Burton Living: “You know nothing..”

Unlike like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones before us, we like to think that we do know a thing or two about Outdoor living as well as Outdoor Kitchens.

(Tyiron Lannister and Varys discussing their newly bought Outdoor Kitchen from Burton Living.)

This week we’re going from the realms of fantasy to the world of reality and with it, we’re going to look at yet another new product which we will be showcasing and introducing to our showroom and online store, very very soon.

Once again, we find ourselves in the Netherlands and this time, we’re going to be showing off a piece that stands as proud as Kings Landing from the world of Game of Thrones and demands that you take heed the second you hear its rather impolite name.

May I introduce to you, dear readers, to The Bastard.

For the purposes of todays blog, we will be focusing on three different variants, which come in at different sizes bar The VX which comes in at a colossal size, all of its own but for the purpose of this blog we will focus on the VX, the Large and for those of you needing something transportable, the Compact edition.

Born out of a love for authentic culinary taste and impressive Dutch design, with the main focus of being an efficient and functional Komodo Grill, the Bastard is unlike any other on the market and doesn’t pale in the shadow of its nearest competitor, The Big Green Egg, which we also have on offer within both our online and physical showroom store.

Whether it’s baking, roasting, braising, cooking, even woking, the Bastard is Big, it’s bold and it’s here to make a point.

Built with special corderite ceramic which is resistant to even the highest of temperatures and with built in insulated ceramic liner to keep the temperature within consistent, you’ll have no reason to worry yourself silly as everything will be under control and with the aid of built in, easy to read thermometer, you’ll be at ease.

However, when it comes to the VX: Not everything is as different as it seems, with a multiple piece firebox, you’ll be able to avoid any unnecessary fees when it comes to shelling out for replacement parts.

The VX comes with a new top cap, which has a flip the lid system which is exactly what it says in the tin and with seamless, double sliding door which is unique in the fact it lays flat to the grill and is modular in design. By flipping the lid and opening the double door, you’ll be able to increase the airflow Into the Kamodo unit itself, which in turn, increases the temperature within and on flipping the lid in the opposite direction and closing the doors, you’ll be able to bring down the temperature with simplistic ease.

Contemporary, modern style meets functional purpose when it comes to the heavy duty, steel handles which have been powder coated and high quality, bamboo side shelves for ease of preparation and somewhere to put that refreshing beverage when you’re in the midst of grilling.

When it comes to grilling, you’ll be able to do so for much longer as the VX comes with a larger charcoal basket built in and larger ash bucket for ease of cleaning your grill unit.

With internal plate setter (Which allows heat to radiate within the dome but also keeps heat and flames from over cooking food) as standard, you’ll have no fears of burnt or ruined food and when it comes to entertaining friends and family, fear not, as the grill has the grilling capacity of feeding up to 12 people.

That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

However, it stands at a Godly and impressive 140cm which includes four, robust 3” wheels for ease of movement and weighs in at a colossal 203kg.

However, when it comes to Bastards, the Large stands equally as impressive as the VX.

Standing at a mighty 127cm with wheels and chassis, gone are the days of bending down low to grill and weighing up to138kg (80kg when standing solo), the Large means business and with a grill diameter of 49cm and made of 7mm thick stainless steel, you know its serious.

Like its sibling before, the Large has the same internals as the VX and medium models in the Bastard range, which include a charcoal bucket, ash lifter for ease of cleaning and plate setter as standard.

With a cooking capability up to 8 people, this not so little unit is perfect for those with larger families and groups of friends or maybe you’re just looking for something to integrate into one of our Bespoke or Tribal Outdoor Kitchens.

However, if that’s not for you, then fear not, as the Large and Medium Bastard models can be bought solo (without the need of integration) and come with impressive, state of the art, slatted bamboo side shelves, which makes for ease of food preparation as well somewhere to keep your salads and condiments.

Once you are done with being the life and soul of the party, simply close the top cap fully and close the stainless sliding door (which is located at the bottom of your Bastard unit) and finally fold down the bamboo side shelves (which we think is pretty impressive) and you are done.

It’s time to kick back, relax and admire your Burton Living, Outdoor Kitchen and new Outdoor Living Space.

But for those of you who are always on the go, have a deep rooted love for travel at heart or simply wish to enjoy grilled food whilst at the beach or perhaps even whilst camping, then the Bastard Compact and Small are the grills for you.

The Compact of the Bastard range sits at a rather miniature 34cm tall but don‘t let that put you off as internal grill sits at 33cm in diameter and 5mm thick, which is hugely impressive for a Kamodo grill of this rather modest stature.

However, don’t let its size fool you, as the Compact weighs an ample 45kg, which is perfectly manageable when it comes to two people sharing the load and with a cooking capacity of up to 4 people, you’ll have plenty of people volunteering to help, especially if there’s a culinary reward at the end.

Unlike the VX, Large and Medium models, the Compact sits on its own steadfast stand which doesn’t include wheels or bamboo, slatted preparation side wings.

Plate setter and charcoal basket still come as standard and both Compact and Small models are easily transportable, so there’s no need for integration and we certainly don’t want to be a party pooper.

All we want is for you to enjoy your newly purchased products and fall in love with Burton Living, again and again.

Let us be your number one choice, when it comes to Outdoor Living.

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