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Walking with Giants: The Kamado Joe, Konnected.

Well, we’ve been on quite the adventure, haven’t we dear reader?

We’ve traveled back in time to explore the past, we’ve embraced the present and now, we’re going to take an almighty leap forwards towards the future of Kamado style cooking, both at home in Blighty and also in the land of the bold: The US of A.

It’s always been said that you should go BIG before you go home and we don’t want to go home, not unless there’s a Kamado Joe waiting for us but not just any Kamado Joe.. Oh no.

We want to find the Kamado Joe: Konnected Joe, a Digital Charcoal grill and smoker, waiting for us.

The Konnected Joe is unlike any other Kamado Joe or other Kamado style grills on the current market but whilst that may be the case, it’s really not so different at all.

The Kamado Joe, Konnected Joe offers a full range of Kamado style grilling and smoking experience but with a few extra bells and whistles added (not literally might I just add in case any of you get too ahead of yourselves!), that any barbecue purist will either be enthralled or disgusted with.

Whilst you may find that the Konnected Joe is the same size as the Kamado Joe, Classic Joe II, you’ll discover that while it may lack when it comes to size, it certainly makes up for with technological based improvements, which it has majestically been christened.

Those wonderful boffins over at Kamado Joe have taken those old school, practical features and transformed such into automated, hands free memorable cooking experiences that have gone on to change the world of charcoal barbecuing but if, like so many around you, find that a fear of technology and change has left you feeling out of your depth, allow me to put those doubts and fears at ease and tell you why the Kamado Joe, Konnected Joe may actually be the grill you’ve been waiting for.

Please join me on yet another Kamado adventure and together, we can explore the highs and the lows of these outer worldly smokers and grills and by the time you have finished reading my series of blogs, you will know the ins, outs and everything in between of the Kamado Joe range available to you from Burton Living.

If you’ve found yourself longing for that memorable food-tastic experience, that enticing smell and that mouthwatering flavour that’s only possible when it comes to using a charcoal fired grill, I would, without any doubt, point you in the direction of the Kamado Joe: Konnected Joe.

One of the benefits of using this almighty ceramic grill, is that you have the option of two cooking modes, both of which come as standard as well as a host of additional, technological based extras.

I truly believe, that you’d be a fool not to go Konnected.

When it comes to both cooking modes, they are simple in theory and even easier when it comes to practicability and use.

Thanks to minimal effort being required from yourself, you’ll be on the fast track to cooking up a mouthwatering storm in next to no time and happy in the knowledge that all those culinary dreams have been made a reality, all within the glorious, red ceramic dome of your Konnected Joe.

The first of the cooking modes that needs no real introduction as it’s simple to remember and you’ll find that it’s even easier to set up but I’ll introduce such anyway, it’s quite aptly named: The Classic Mode.

This old school mode is one that has no reliance nor dependence on any techno wizardry. It’s merely a case of filling the ceramic, multi ‘leafed’ firebox with lump charcoal (as is the recommendation) and lighting that grill, however during the process you will need to adjust the Kontrol Vents (Top and Bottom) but this is mostly a hands on, learning experience.

But if you find that there’s too much guessing and uncertainty involved, that you don’t want to spend your time standing around your Kamado Joe and rather just sit back, relax and let it do the work for you, well fret not as there’s a mode with you energy savers in mind and that mode is called: The Automatic Mode.

The magic behind the Automatic cooking mode is pretty straightforward as you will simply fill the ceramic firebox as before but this time, the lighting of the coals is completely taken care of thanks to the AFS (Automatic Fire Starter) button and when it comes to the matter of air flow for temperature adjustments, this has all been taken care of, thanks to the Kontrol Fan.

Now that truly is the power of Konnected.

(However if you still find yourself to be uncertain and you’re seeking a more in-depth, practical look at both cooking modes including information on how to achieve them, please feel free to take a look at my ‘How To’ guide, which will be released alongside this blog.)

Please note: In respect of enabling ALL digital functions on the Kamado Joe: Konnected Joe, the grill must be plugged in, powered via a mains power supply (A five foot long cable is supplied with your Konnected Joe) and switched ON.

Once you’ve pressed that ON button, you will find yourself entering into a stratospheric world of new experiences (and emotions) that only a Komado Joe can truly offer.

At this point, our Kamado Joe, Konnected Joe should finally be alive and burning well.. (I feel like Doctor Frankenstein at this point…Remember the Doctor is called Frankenstein, NOT the monster), we can turn our focus towards those heavily regarded functional features, that can all be found on this mammoth creation.

When it comes to a real game changer of innovation, such has been made possible, thanks to the in-built, Wi-Fi and smartphone connective function.

When it comes to the Wi-Fi and smartphone connective function, you’ll be pleased to know that if, for any reason, your Konnected Joe loses a Wi-Fi connection or should there be a brief power outage, the Konnected Joe will automatically switch to a stable Bluetooth connection, continuing to monitor as well as maintain your Kamado grill as previously done so, continuing to remain in full active service to you and your culinary creation beneath the ceramic dome.

Just with any love affair, the love you have for your Kamado Joe: Konnected Joe will go through walls and overcome short distances, just as the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Smartphone connection will do the same, leaving you safe in the knowledge that everything is in safe, suitable ceramic hands.

But should you wish to go further, experiencing and harnessing the true power of potential in digital connectivity, it’s only right that we introduce you to the mighty sword and shield, you’ll need when it comes to taming this mighty, red beast!

Allow me to introduce to you, the Kontrol Board.

The Kontrol Board is an easy to use, fully functional digital board showcasing a three and a half inch, diagonal, LED display screen with four pre-set button controlled functions as well as in-built dial, which will makes for easy selection when it comes to choosing between as well as adjusting set temperatures and timers.

Easy to use and even easier to learn, just how we like it, here at Burton Living.

One of the most beneficial features of the Kontrol Board for those of you who love to cook a multitude of verifying dishes, there’s enough available space for three different temperature probes that can easily be inserted directly into the Konnected Kontrol Board, which matches brilliantly with the Two-Tier Divide and Conquer cooking system, giving you a far easier way of monitoring the internal temperatures of various meats and dishes without having to lift the ceramic dome and risk burning yourself whilst using a handheld device.

Next we have the Cycle function button/dial, which allows for an effortless scroll within the Temperature Screen, displaying a session based graph that records up to 24 hours of information, which includes the current temperature within your Konnected Joe’s dome, your chosen target temperature, total time that has elapsed in response to the total cook time and that’s not all, as you’ll be able to see and take note of any temperature fluctuations that may occur over a set period of time.

Whilst within the Temperature Screen, you’ll be able to view up to three different readings, each containing information coming from an individual temperature probe, which is precisely helping to monitor any dish within your 250 sq. in. Of available cooking space.

Next, we have the Temperature button, this allows for a target temperature to be set and your Konnected Joe will aim to reach and succeed in doing so, by relying on the Kontrol Fan, which will ensure and allow for the right amount of airflow to make such temperature adjustments possible.

There’s even a Timer button, which allows you to either set a countdown (perfect if you like to add some excitement whilst waiting for those delicious dishes to be ready) or you can leave such to count up, where you’ll be able to watch as time passes during that all important, mouthwatering ‘Low and Slow’ cook.

The Kontrol Board really proves itself to be a worthwhile investment when it comes to choosing a Kamado Joe, Konnected Joe, as such features real-time, notification alerts, which will make you instantly aware when set timers have elapsed their target duration or when a target temperature has been reached and further more, sustained in due course.

There’s even the option to be notified should your grill and smoker, unfortunately, decide to fall below a preset temperature.

However, when it comes to the Notification Centre for the in-built Kontrol Board as well as the Kamado Joe App, once a set time configuration has passed, a direct alert will be sent to the app in the form of a notification alert on your smartphone as well as an audible ringing from your Konnected Joe but please, PLEASE be aware that IF you do decide to rely on the Kamado grill and/or the smartphone App to notify you, the timer and the notification alert system are simply for YOUR reference ONLY and the grill itself will NOT make ANY adjustments, including but not limited to: changes in temperature as well as shutting itself down once a specified configuration has finished.

If you find yourself open to some much needed culinary inspiration, why not explore the Kamado Joe App further (which can easily be downloaded to most smartphones) and discover a vast library of over 100 different recipes and dishes, all of which can either be cooked, baked, grilled and smoked on any of the Kamado Joe grills and smokers that are listed on our online store or can be purchased via our physical showroom, based on the Essex and Cambridgeshire boarder.

Well, reader, we’ve spent a good amount of time taking a look at the magic of digital enhancements when it comes to the Kamado Joe, Konnected Joe, I feel that now it’s only fair that we take a good long look at the more practical features that have helped to cement Kamado Joe into the hearts and hands of barbecue purists everywhere.

Since the pioneering, Kamado Joe Classic series I, was introduced and released fifteen years ago, time has crept steadily on and with it, so have the advancements in Kamado style cooking as well as adjustments and alterations in design and purpose.

The Konnected Joe is incredibly responsive when it comes to even the smallest of temperature adjustments as well as being able to maintain a precise and consistent temperature, meaning that every meal will be cooked to near perfection and with an almighty 18 inches of accessible cooking space, you’ll have no excuse not to diversify or push the boundaries of your cooking prowess.

When you come to finding something that works, why alter perfection and this much is true, as when it comes to the Konnected, Kamado Joe have decided to keep the impressive Counterbalance Air Lift Hinge, which allows for the ceramic dome to sit at a set height as well as ensuring a soft, gentle close when shutting the dome.

By reducing the overall weight of the ceramic dome by a massive, 96%, you’ll be able to show off to your friends by lifting such with a single finger.

Yet another reason for you to show off with your Kamado Joe, Konnected Joe!

When it comes to locking in all those appetising flavours, helped along by that tantalising smoke, there’s no reason for such to be lost and this is due to the inclusion of a freshly designed, thick, fibreglass mesh gasket, which I’m sure many of you will agree, is exactly what you’d come to expect from such a costly charcoal grill and smoker.

The Konnected Joe, Classic Joe and Big Joe, series II onwards have all been fitted with the same brand new fibreglass, mesh gasket and whilst it has not only made an improvement in sealing in, all those important flavours, it has also made the process of cleaning all the easier, reducing such down to a single wipe rather than a time consuming scrub and scour.

However the cleaning of the Konnected isn’t just restricted to the fibreglass, mesh gasket as with any Kamado style grill, it’s important that once your lump charcoal has gone beyond redemption and turned to spent ash, you’ll need to clean out the bowels of such and this has all been made possible thanks to the patented, in-built and slide out, ash tray, which also comes with a hook style tool for all those hard to reach, awkward areas.

Let’s be honest with each other for a moment, if you’ve bought a Kamado grill, I’m sure you’re eager to get started and experience the magic of ‘Low and Slow’ cooking, producing melt in the mouth cuts of meat, that will become a culinary addiction to yourself as well as friends and family but only if you dare to share.

You can’t just dream it, you have to make it possible and when it comes to doing so, it’s important that you keep moisture and smoke alike locked within those 1.25 inch thick, ceramic walls of the Konnected for a lengthy amount of time without too much disturbance but thanks to the aid of a stainless steel clasp, which will lock in every morcall of succulent flavour at the forefront of every dish, which will have your guests drooling, time and time again.

The only thing we don’t supply at Burton Living is a bib. Sorry.

The ceramic firebox of the Konnected Joe is the same size as the firebox you’d expect to find within the Kamado Joe, Classic Joe series II but to the delight to barbecue purists everywhere, that remarkably durable firebox has now been split into five separate ‘leaves’, each of which are held firmly in place and locked together by a single piece, stainless steel ring, reassuring you that your Kamado grill and smoker will be able to reach the highest of temperatures, all the way up to 700°C without the risk of internal and structural damage to the firebox and Kamado grill itself.

When it comes to experiencing world famous, Kamado Joe authenticity, you’ll be able to get that Classic Joe, series III magic but with some technological extras thrown in for good measure.

Since we’re back on the topic of technology, I think it’s fair to say that you want to get the absolute most out of your Kamado Joe, Konnected Joe, eager to see just how far this revolutionary, digital charcoal grill and smoker will take you and you’ll be happy to know that a whole world of culinary potential can be unlocked via the Accessory Mode, which can be found on the digital Kontrol Board.

(Please note: The accessory screen will only appear the first time you open the dome lid after turning the Kontrol Board ON, If however, you do miss this screen while setting and starting up your Konnected Joe, you may have to unplug the grill for a few moments and then plug such back in, restarting the Konnected Joe in the process and the screen will display itself once more.)

Two of the three accessories which I feel will be most beneficial to your culinary exploits are the Kamado Joe: DõJoe and the Kamado Joe: JoeTisserie.

The Kamado Joe: DõJoe will transform your grill into an easy to use pizza oven, that’s perfect for cooking aforementioned pizzas as well as ideal for those of you who wish to try your hand at baking bread or creating mouthwatering pies with a crust that brings a fully loaded crunch.

Next we have the Kamado Joe: JoeTisserie.

This rotisserie accessory is perfect for roasting chicken, joints of various other meats, even homemade kebabs and vegetable skewers!

It’s not always a meat eating affair!

(Please note: To unlock the potential and the joy of using the Accessory Mode, the additional purchase of the Kamado Joe: DõJoe and Kamado Joe: JoeTisserie must be made.)

However if find yourself wishing to take a step away from the art of digital cooking, leaving behind a reliance on the Automatic cooking mode, you’ll be glad to hear that you can continue to use the DõJoe, JoeTisserie and other standalone cooking surfaces in the Classic cooking mode as well.

The DõJoe, The JoeTisserie and full sized Griddle pan inserts as well as many of the other Half Moon cooking surfaces can be purchased within our online store: our physical showroom, based within the Essex and Cambridgeshire boarder.

And there we have it, dear readers, our mission is complete.

Over the course of three mighty blogs, we’ve managed to take one small step for Man and one giant leap for barbecue kind and whilst you may feel overwhelmed, fret not, as at Burton Living, we are here to help you choose the right Kamado Joe, for you.


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