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“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the Humble lights get in..”

Sang the late and great Leonard Cohen (well, almost..) from his masterpiece entitled ’Anthem’…

And todays Burton Living blog will focus on exactly that: Lights and to be specific, gorgeous LED lighting options courteously of Humble.

We’ll be looking at three of these magnificent lights: The Humble One, The Humble Two and The Humble Bee. (No, I’m not making this up …. )

Let’s not get distracted any further and begin simply with the Humble One.

The Humble One is a versatile, wireless table lamp, fitted with an E27 low voltage bulb, that retains design that is both unique and uncomplicated, and has been built with the ability to withstand all that life can throw its way: the Humble One and Humble One Smart are both suitable for indoor and outdoor use with a waterproof rating of IP65, there will be no excuses for coming inside when the weather turns.

Standing at a Lilliputian height of 19.5cm, with a width of 8.5c and weighing in minuscule 0.31kg, this lamp is perfect for any outdoor living space, be it that within your own home, dining alfresco or on a camping adventure with friends.

With three different settings to match your mood and needs, the lights can effortlessly be changed via touch, but in regards to the Humble One Smart, you are able to pair such to your Smart Lighting System and control such via your smart phone, voice control, switch or motion sensor.

With up to 140 hours of battery life from a single 6 hour charge, you’ll have no excuse not to enjoy your outdoor living space, be it rain or shine, night or day. You’ll be in the midst and loving every moment.

That’s not all, you‘ll be able to link multiple lamps to your lighting set up without unnecessary wiring getting tangled and in the way and not only that, you’ll be able to charge six lamps at one time via their wireless charger (Which can be bought separately.) as the Humble One and Humble One Smart come with Qi Charger and USB-C cable as standard.

There is no limitation to what’s possible and that’s what we like, here at Burton Living.

Just like the Humble One, the Humble Two is a classic and contemporary counterpart to compliment any indoor or outdoor space, whether that be as a subtle, centre piece for a dinner table for a romantic evening, a hallway accent for something a little different or perhaps even the perfect reading companion at bedtime.

Standing on its own at just over 21cm and a width of almost 9cm, the Humble Two is a mixture of blending innovation with tradition and style and like most modern lights on the market before, it can be synced to any Smart Lighting System and operated seamlessly from your smart phone, tablet computer, toggle switch (at the base) or via motion sensor.

Once fully charged: (we recommend 4 hours via the USB-A to USB-C cable included or up to 6 hours wirelessly, via Qi Standard Charger, which requires a 10w adapter, which is not supplied but can be sourced should that be to your requirements.) With built in battery indicator, you wont be left in a lurch and you’ll be able to achieve up to 96 hours of uninterrupted light and with three impressively equal light settings to match any mood or moment: (Candle, Ambience or Work) You’ll be sure to find the one thats perfect for you.

And finally, we move onto the quirky named Humble Bee.

Standing at 18cm tall and with a diameter of 12cm, the Humble Bee is a round, cordless wall lamp made for mounting and be easily attached and detached when it comes to charging.

Packing an almighty punch despite its E27 low voltage bulb, you get an incredibly long battery life of 220 hours per lamp, which means your outdoor living space will be unlike any other but if you’re looking for something a little different when it comes to bathroom decor, then The Bee is perfect as it’s waterproof just like its predecessors and comes with the same IP65 rating.

With tough, durable aluminium base, sophistication and elegance is at the forefront of this small and mighty lamp.

The Bee can operated via touch, remote control (not supplied but can be sourced should this be of your requirements) or synced to Smart Lighting Systems (in which case, a ZigBee 3.0 bridge will be required.)

With only a mere 4 hours of charging, you’ll get from 50 to 220 hours of uninterrupted and vivid lighting and when it comes to choosing the brightness setting, simple use the button system on the side to choose your preferred brightness and to switch the light unit On and Off between uses, all of which we believe at Burton Living, fails to pale in comparison to any light of its kind on the current market.

When it comes to the Humble lighting range, they have been flawlessly designed to be ”Beautiful on the outside and brilliant on the inside.” And we at Burton Living, could not agree more.

Whether it’s simply just the one lamp, maybe six for outdoor dinning or maybe lighting the pathway to your outdoor kitchen or perhaps fitted to the frames of a pergola, the Humble lighting system can be controlled simultaneously within a 10 metre radius, giving you total and exceptional control, every time.

And when it comes to replacing damaged or broken parts fear not, as maintenance and repair of the simplest kind has been thought through, as each unit has been built with individual and replaceable parts which allows for ease of taking care and replacing such without having to replace the entire lamp unit as a whole.

At Burton living, we pride ourselves on the very best and we think Humble lighting is truly worthy of that statement, so let us, make your outdoor living space dream, come true.


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