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We are Burton Living and we are Open! (09.09.23)

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

We’ve done it!

Our showroom is officially open and we are ready for business!

To celebrate our official opening, on the 9th of September, in collaboration with our neighbours at Hell Raisers Bakery and a little pop up shop of Ninth Coffee Roasters, at Howlett End Farm Shop, (located just outside Saffron Walden), we decided to hold a small get together.

On Saturday, we decided to take full advantage of the clear, blue skies and 32 degree heat and hold a barbecue to showcase what we do and that outdoor culinary dreams can come true and to also celebrate our first official milestone in opening our doors to members of the public as well as any designers who had an interest in what we can make possible.

And What can you make possible? I hear you stand and cry

Well, there is nothing we can’t do, especially when it comes to outdoor kitchens.

Whether it’s completely bespoke or maybe something a little more modular or industrial, like our Tribal range, or perhaps you’re interested in standalone, premium, high quality and professional appliances, we have it all and if we don’t have it, we‘ll do our upmost best to source it and make your dream possible.

So, let’s get that Bull Barbecue grill on and look back over a memorable and fun weekend for us at Burton Living.

With delicious food supplied by Magnus farm and Hell Raisers Bakery, we were sure in for a foodie delight.

No stomach left empty or unfulfilled and with our Lonestar Bull BBQ grill in use, we had no complaints and that’s just the way we like it.

Throughout the day, we also had fresh and delicious pizza available, so you could experience the true delight and authentic taste of wood fired pizza cooked on an Igneus pizza oven (which we have for sale via our newly opened showroom as well as online, where also offer the Clementi pizza oven as an option) and you would’ve gotten to experience the true taste of Italy without leaving the country.

It seems that food wasn’t the only draw of the day, as many of those who visited us and were asked, came down to visit us based on their curiosity regarding The Big Green Egg and Bradley Smoker (All of which we currently have in stock.)

A great deal of you, were also very interested in our Bespoke set up (which lavishly sits proudly in our showroom) and wanted to know more regarding our Tribal unit in which the grilling took centre stage on Saturday. (Please check our Blog entitled: Bespoke Vs. Modular: Which Kitchen is right for You? For further details.)

However each unit is made to be robust and fit for purpose and we hope each of our outdoor kitchens will give you a pride of place, in which you can return to time and again, and never grow tired of.

Each one of our units are built by hand and made to be strong and stable and are both unique and an imposing piece of dedication, skill and art.

We hope in purchasing one of our kitchens, you find yourself able to compliment features already found in your garden or even be the start of a new outdoor project.

Our kitchens are built to last and make a statement, all on their own, whilst retaining their own incredible uniqueness which can come from the recesses of your own imagination and just like with whisky, we believe perfection takes time.

As Jason Donovan (or was it Joseph?) once said: “Any dream (or kitchen from Burton Living, we know which we prefer..) will do.”


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