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“Love me Tender, Love Le Feu..”

Isn't that what Elvis Preseley sang in 1956, or do I have it confused once again?!

Well, dear reader and follower of our Burton Living blogs, I'm sure you'll let me know in due course but until then, welcome to yet another of our on going blog series focusing on all the wonderful products and events we have taking place within the world of Burton Living.

Todays focus will be on one of the newest additions to our webstore ( ) and this will soon be the feature piece within our showroom, I for one, am very excited to be sharing this news with you and I cannot wait to see and hear your thoughts when all is finally revealed!

Now I know some of you will have gone ahead and followed the link above and left without so much as a goodbye, it's okay, I won't hold it against you but for those of you who decided to stick around and read on: Thank you! There's plenty more to discover...

In this weeks entry, I'll be covering the 'Le Feu' range (Which simply put, are modern and unique looking Bioethanol Fireplaces with a touch of simplicity) and I'll be looking into the benefits of introducing such into your home, the fuel requirements as well as, my own honest, from the heart, review. (Honesty is the best policy after all.)

So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy that mug of tea and read on..

Let's all travel back to the year 2017, when storm Doris battered Britain with storm winds of up to 94MPH (Whew!) and the now common place, 12 sided pound coin was released, doing away with it's circular ancestor, however our story does not begin in Blighty, oh no, our journey takes us once again to Scandinavia and we find ourselves in the presence of Søren Lauritsen and his team, all of whom had a shared, burning desire (Pardon the pun..) to change the traditional view of fireplaces and create beautiful and environmentally friendly fireplaces, which could integrated with simple ease and to become a focus point for any home setting.

Proving to be Scanadavis best selling biofuel fireplace and selling in over 17 countries worldwide, you'll be sure to experience authentic danish coziness with stylish, contemporary design and a natural care for the environment without having to spend an absolute fortune, wherever in the world you decide to call home.

'Le Feu' strongly believes that every home deseveres and should have a warm heart, and who are we to disagree, with it's simplistic, uniformed design and ease of construction, you'll be able to install whichever of the Le Feu range you choose, with ease and gurenteed satisfaction, in a mere matter of minutes.

One of the benefits and more attractive features to the Le Feu is the fact such requires no flue, no chimney and no extraction fan. The burner unit burns cleanly using only the finest and purist of bioethanol fuels on the market, EkoFuel (other options are available on the market providing they are bioethanol fuels) which means there are no harmful gasses produced or left above the fireplace itself.

However, if you're looking to add a touch of sophistication to your outside living space, you can even place either of the Le Feu range on a patio or fixed to the walls of one of our pergolas.

I can guarantee you now, dear reader, that such will give any outdoor living area, a truly memorable and unique talking point.

They do say home is where the heart is, after all.

The duration of your satisfaction remains in how you best you use the 'Le Feu' range you've purchased, we highly recommend both the Le Feu Sky as well as the Le Feu Ground (Low or High) variant, which can be purchased on our online store and there's also the opportunity to purchase the Le Feu Wall variant as well.

The choice of which suits your living space best is yours.

It is estimated that by using 1.5 litres of EkoFuel, you'll receive up to five to six hours of uncomplicated and uncompromised, 2.0 - 2.5KW of heat (Based within a 20sqM room, however this is subject to both climatic conditions of the room as well as the environment in which your model of Le Feu is placed).

With it's sleek and modern design, you'll find that the Le Feu is an attractive addition to any home and will prove to be a classic that will seemingly integrate into most settings and without the need for any unsightly cables or battery packs, but if you find yourself looking for information and wondering if any harmful gasses or smoke is released, you need not fear as the Le Feu produces no smoke and the only minimal vapour, if any, that is produced is the equivalent carbon dioxide to that of a candle.

That's right, a candle. No more and no less. (Now that's what we like to hear!)

One of the most interesting facts I find about the Le Feu range is it's simplicity to swap between which variant you choose to suit your mood and needs, the Sky can simply be switched and turned on it's head and fixed to become a unit standing on purpose built legs or maybe even into a wall mounted unit.* There are no limitations to what is possible and at Burton Living, this is something we also specialise and pride ourselves on.

The simplicity of being able to make your dreams possible, whatever they may be when it comes to Outdoor kitchens as well outdoor and indoor living.

Every Le Feu model is built to and must conform to EN16647 standards and must pass such before leaving the factory and entering the retail market.

Your safety as well as well the environments is paramount to Le Feu and in so, they highly recommend that each unit is cleaned weekly to prevent any potential issues and if any fuel is spilt, it is cleaned up first and foremost before lighting the burner unit within the fireplace.

Your safety and well being is important to us.

Now, as we've mentioned above, we highly recommend using EkoFuel when it comes to lighting and feeling your Le Feu fireplace.

So let's get into a little history lesson of EkoFuel and why we recommend such to you.

EkoFuel was first launched in 2012, after three long years of extensive and succcesful testing all whilst being produced under the strictest of quality control and being double rectified for absolute purity (with over 21,000 positive reviews worldwide), I think you can say they know what they are doing when it comes to producing Bioethanol fuels and by using such, you are complimenting your biostove and fireplace, by making this great choice alone.

EkoFuel is produced from molasses, which is a by product of sugarcane and sugar beet which carries a remarkably low carbon footprint (only releasing the carbon dioxide it has taken from the air during its initial growth unlike other non-renewable fuels, which release the CO2 they have held for millions of years.)

Allowing for a soot free combustion, EkoFuel produces a carbon neautral flame, which continues to pride itself on the low level carbon footprint it allows for and not only does it burn cleanly, it's also ash free, smoke free and produces very little odour.

The only thing released during the burning process is water vapour and the smallest amount of CO2, we're talking that to the equivalent of a candle and with such minimal release and so much more to gain, you know you are making the right and only choice by choosing the UK's number one supplier for Bioethanol fuels, both within the commercial and domestic markets, you know you're in safe hands.

Like with all biofuels and non, it is strongly recommended suitable care is taken when storing such, preferably in a cool, dry space and out of direct sunlight.

Nobody wants any nasty surprises or avoidable injuries or problems.

*Legs/stands and wall mounted units can only be purchased with fireplaces. (Neither can be purchased seperately as solo units at this time. Only replacable Burner units.)

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