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“Love me, Grill me, Hold me, Sear me..”

Updated: 4 days ago

Well, dear readers, my love for those magnificent smokers in red hasn’t yet faltered and I’m hoping yours hasn’t too for I have good news for those of you who are wanting more and I’m happy to say that I’m back, with even more Kamado Joe magic. (Who says I don’t spoil you?)

Today, I’m going to be turning my focus to mouthwatering forms of art, both of which can be easily achieved on all Kamado Joe’s. (All of which can be purchased from us at Burton Living, either via our online store or via our physical showroom on the Essex and Cambridgeshire boarder.)

Fret not, for I wont keep you in suspense any longer..

The brilliant and extremely popular skill sets that await you are none other than: Grilling and Searing, two incredible abilities that any barbecue pro or beginner should have within their culinary arsenal, especially when it comes to entertaining guests (or maybe even showing off a little).

Now grilling is probably one of the most popular of barbecue skills to have as it’s such a perfect way to create timeless dishes with unmatched flavour, time and again without having to rely heavily on complexities that other high brow techniques would usually take to muster.

But if you’re sitting there and eager to get started on Grilling your way into the hearts of foodies everywhere, you will need to ensure that your Kamado grill is lit and burning strong.

Once the embers of your Kamado Joe are burning nicely within the ceramic firebox, carefully and within the aid of a heat proof glove, install one or two of the Half-Moon cooking grates (the preference is undoubtedly yours) and once the grates have been carefully inserted, being sure to leave the dome open for a further ten minutes, allowing the grates to come up to temperature and once such time has passed, slowly close the red ceramic dome of your Kamado down.

Next be sure to open both Top and Bottom vents fully, allowing for maximum amount of airflow to find its way within your Kamado unit but once the internal temperature within the ceramic dome has reached between 205 - 315C, carefully close the Top vent fully to help maintain the internal temperature but should you need to adjust, do so as necessary.

However, as with all Kamado Joe grills (and other Kamado style grills/smokers on the market) it’s both hugely important and necessary to ‘Burp’ your Kamado and this must be done EVERY time you intend to fully open the dome.

(‘Burping’ helps to minimise and ensure there is no risk of flashback*.)

Once your grill has reached the desired grilling temperature of 315C, you’ll be free to grill to your leisure, placing your chosen food against the grate, turning as and when, to achieve grilling to your very own desired preference.

Although please be aware that when it comes to grilling your cuts of meat, I do highly recommend that you use tongs instead of forks, as you’ll want ensure and keep as much of that succulent juice is kept within your meat as possible, cutting down the risk of your food drying out and losing that all important moisture during the process.

But before we sit down to eat, let’s move onto yet another brilliant culinary skill which you and everyone else, should have at their disposal and that is the high heat technique known simply as Searing.

The technique of Searing is perfect for adding incredible flavour as well as colour to your cuts of meat, fish and even vegetable's, all whilst helping to lock in and seal in flavour with a rich, brown char without taking the risk and gamble of burning food.

It’s important to note that timing is especially key when it comes to making such culinary magic possible and when it comes to the perfect, ideal temperature for Searing to take place, it ranges from 260 - 400C, which matches with the perfect temperature to cook steaks as well as scallops (and if you do decide to cook scallops, I highly recommend the use of the Soapstone cooking plate.)

Now it’s time for a showman’s piece of culinary skill.

One hour prior to your chosen time for Searing, you will want to ensure that your firebox is full of fresh charcoal and has been lit in two places, allowing for the grill to heat quickly.

Carefully and safely install one of the Half-Moon grill grates into the lowest position possible within your Kamado Joe, ensuring that it’s resting as close as possible to the hot coals below.

Now it’s time for a little bit of patience and we have to wait a further 10 minutes with the ceramic dome open fully, allowing for as much oxygen as possible to enter within our Kamado, helping to bring those embers to life.

Once they’re burning steady, simply close down the ceramic dome carefully but as soon as you have, be sure to open both Top and Bottom vents completely until your Kamado Joe has reached temperatures in excess of 260C plus, but if you wish to maintain this rather extreme temperature, carefully close the top vent slightly but making sure to ensure that oxygen is still able to enter within the dome.

When you find yourself to open that almighty dome and show off your Searing prowess, please remember to ‘Burp’ your Kamado first, otherwise you are at dangerous risk of harm, especially when it comes to white hot smoke emanating from the firebox, which will cause yourself (and others, if stood around you) an injury.

(Let’s be honest, no one looks good without eyebrows.. )

Once you’ve safely and carefully ‘Burped’ your Kamado Joe, you are now free to open the dome of your grill entirely and Sear your food until your hearts content over the grate closest to those beautiful and tempting flames.

(Think of the flames kissing your meat… Easy now, Tiger..)

However, if you’ve been sat there, reading through and you’ve found yourself wondering what is ‘Flashback’? well, fret not, for I won’t leave you on a lurch. ‘Flashback’ is when suppressed hot air meets much cooler air, resulting in an instantaneous reaction, much like when you open an oven an oven door without thinking and get that rush of hot air to your face but much, much more intense and dangerous.

And there you have it, dear reader, no waffle, no bull, just a good old fashioned, straightforward but thorough introduction and explanation into the magical world of Grilling and Searing, which can easily be achieved within any Kamado Joe.

You can buy one of these incredible culinary beasts for yourself from us, at Burton Living, either via our online store or our physical Outdoor Living showroom on the Essex and Cambridgeshire boarder and get to experience the fun and the magic for yourself.

The only thing left to do now is get our grill on!

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