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Burton Living: The Beginning.

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Hello and welcome, to the first Burton Living blog post!

Now, you're probably sat there wondering ”Well, who are Burton living?"

Well, we aren't just another outdoor kitchen specialist, we are The outdoor kitchen specialist, with a range of Bespoke and Modular Outdoor Kitchens made to suit with you in mind, offering a range of Grills, BBQs, Smokers, Pizza Ovens and much more.

Our beginnings are humble, we began life in the 1980s as a small joinery firm creating and building cabinets, commercial fitouts and residential pieces and as time went by, those needs developed and grew and in turn, so did we. We are now a third generation, family run business and over the past five years, our primary focus has been on the outdoor kitchen market but still retaining our roots at our Essex based factory. (Where you'll be able to see your dream kitchen come to life.)

It's now 2023 and our journey continues with the opening of our showroom on the Essex and Cambridgeshire boarder, surrounded by a gorgeous plant nursery and in the presence of a rustic farm shop and if that's not enough, there's a lovely little café for you to take the weight off your feet and relax.

Whether, you are on our online shop or visiting our showroom, we have everything you need to create that dream outdoor kitchen and provide you with options and features that are unique to you and to what you wish for.

Perhaps you are considering one of our Bespoke units in black with stainless steel finished edging, white Carrara marble worktop and integrated LED lighting (above) or maybe something a little more personalised with a colour match of your choice, using Farrow & Ball paint and a unique, one of a kind worktop cut from the earth, direct from the Stone Yard.

We can integrate both a Bull BBQ and Asado Grill (Argentinean cooking method) complete with Kamado Joe smoker to bring that ultimate BBQ set up to life or maybe something simpler such as a Clementi Pizza Oven with Beer tap and fridge, for those long summer nights by the firepit (which we can also provide).

There really are no limitations. You dream it, we make it possible!

Come back next week for Bespoke Vs. Modular: Which Kitchen is best for you?

Become the envy of your friends and family and let Burton Living be your number one choice for functional and impressive, outdoor cooking solutions.

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