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“I like GREEN EGGS and HAM! I do! I like them, Sam-I-am!”

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Once declared the anonymous voice responding to the ambitious and determined voice of Sam- I- am from the classic Dr. Seuss book, whom was set on convincing us, the dear reader as well as the nameless character that they would enjoy green eggs and ham but I digress, the point of todays blog isn’t to ask you to wolf down a rather questionable looking food nor is it to judge you on your own particular choices regarding such, I am here to point you in the direction of another of the unique appliances we offer here at Burton Living and one of which, we can also integrate into one of our Bespoke or Tribal, Outdoor Kitchens.

The Big Green Egg comes in a variety of different (The Minimax, The Large and The XL) sizes and here at our showroom on the Essex and Cambridgeshire boarder, we are showcasing the Large Big Green Egg, which is perfect for families and those long awaited (and often enough, long overdue) catch up with friends.

The Big Green Egg company have been producing high quality, ceramic cookers for close to fifty years, pioneering the Kamado style grill back in 1974 and are a world renowned choice for Michelin Star Restaurants and not only that, they are proud of their NASA grade ceramics which means you get a lifetime of cooking without the need to replace every few years.

Our focus is on the Large Big Green Egg, which as I said above, is perfect for families and get togethers with friends, standing at a huge 80cm tall and weighing 73kgs with an impressive 46cm grilling surface but if you‘re looking for something a little more substantial, we can also offer the option of the XL Big Green Egg, which is an imposing piece of grilling majestic, delight, which stands at an mighty 82cm, weighing an incredible 93kgs with an impressive 61cm in diameter, cooking and grilling surface.

With any of the Big Green Eggs available, we can either sell such as a stand alone unit or perhaps you’d like such at the center piece of your new bespoke, outdoor kitchen or maybe you’d like to see such integrated into one of our Tribal units.

Whatever idea you have in mind, let’s discuss it today and make that dream, a reality.

Every Big Green Egg comes with its own fire grate and steel cooking grid for that authentic and alluring taste and look for when you’re sat in the sun (or perhaps not, each unit is tried and tested, weather resistant for rain, snow and sun) and you find yourself grilling pork chops, ribs or maybe some chargrilled vegetable skewers.

Each Big Green Egg comes complete with built in Tel Tru Thermometer and adjustable air vents, for precise control over temperature and you’ll be ready to start grilling or cooking from the 12th minute and with only one bag of charcoal required, you’ll be able to cook up to 80 plus hours and with one load of charcoal, you’ll be able to grill for up to 24 hours! That’s a whole day of cooking, grilling and smoking to your hearts content!

Be you a seasoned Barbecue grill King or maybe you’re just beginning your grilling and smoking journey with hunger in heart, stomach and mind, Let us here at Burton Living show you the way.

There really are No limitations. You dream it, we make it possible.


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