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Our first Halloween event (28/10/23)

Welcome and enter if you dare, into yet another spooktacular Blog post from us here at Burton Living and join us as we shudder at all things creepy (and not so crawly) and we delve into the realms of the Halloween event in which we took part in at Taylors Barns, Saffron Walden this past weekend on Saturday, 28th October 2023.

Making the most of what sun we were lucky to receive, we were able to take part and delight in a great team effort from all of those who have gone on to make us feel welcome at Taylors Barns since our showroom officially opened and by working together, we all put on yet another remarkable event to remember.

At 10am that morning, our doors and many of those around us, opened and the soft, gentle, warming aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air and met with it, a crisp and rather chilly wind in mid air, the combination of the two; a deadly concoction of nasal satisfaction but a chill enough to bite the tip of ones nose.

Joining us for what was an incredible turn out, were the delightful ladies from The Elephants Dungarees who decided to bring their little pop up shop, showcasing preloved baby clothing from, as the two sisters quote “Tiny baby up to 24 months old”.

And not only that, we were in further luck, as both Arron and Co of Ninth Coffee Roasters decided to grace us with their presence once more and turn their hand to taking over the newly erected coffee shop which has merged beautifully with Howletts End Farm Shop ran by the multi talented Zak, who’s delicious sweet treats are staple for anyone who visits the farm shop when on site.

When it comes to a crisp autumn morning such as this, a freshly brewed coffee in one hand and in the other, a delightful, mouthwatering cinnamon bun baked from scratch by Zak, is the perfect start to anyone’s day.

However that’s not the only enchanting odour continuing to fill the air as delightful smells wafted free from our own outdoor kitchen which was expertly taken care of by Zak (of Howletts farm shop fame) and George (of Magness Farms), who supplied succulent and incredible tasting pork, which went on to fill the stomachs of ourselves as well as many others around us, with culinarily delight after delight supplied with a quick smile.

A great atmosphere was created by all, as fun filled activities kept the laughter and enjoyment at a high, thanks to both Matt of Idea Tree Designs, who put together a great game of throwing bean bags into Cornhole boards (Designed and built by himself) and then there was face painting which was delivered by the girls over at Blossom Bites Tea Room and not forgetting, the most important features of any Halloween event: S’mores; which could be purchased in kits direct from the farm shop.

To make things fun within our own showroom, we decided to hold a small raffle in which there was the opportunity to win a chopping board with free personalisation to a design of your own choosing. Who says we don’t know how to spoil you?

But that’s not all, as there were plenty of other games and activities to play to keep any young budding Witch, Wizard or Warlock, busy and entertained, as there was opportunity for them to try their hand at potion making, supplied by the muggles (non magic folk) over at Blossom Bites Tea Room and not forgetting, the staple of any true Halloween event, and as any parents knows, that is the rather messy art of Pumpkin carving (which was held just outside Idea Tree Designs shop).

Despite a sudden and rather impromptu down pour of unexpected rain, laughter and enjoyment continued to fill the air and no drops of rain seemed to dampen that or anyone’s spirits, even if the majority of those who joined us seemed to have been prepared for unparalleled and promised sunshine.

But as the rain descended, and the sunshine began to arise once more, we were joined by the tremendously talented and unforgettable voice and sound of Sam Russo, a man who’s voice punches you in the face and kindly asks you if he missed and should he try again.

And as the hours went on tumbling by, ever closer to closing time, the distinguishable smells of pulled pork, loaded fries and fresh brewed coffee remaining to fill the air, the public continued to remain in high spirits and great levels of enjoyment seemed to occupy their every thoughts, despite the rather chilly weather front and minuscule gracing of sunshine we had and that in itself made for a very memorable day for our collective guests as well as ourselves.

I do think its fair to say that since joining those at Taylors barns, we all make one incredible and slightly odd, family; all working together to achieve the same collective and common goal and that is to make a success of our own businesses, as well as each others.

We know how to work through the good, the bad and sometimes, even the very questionable and by the end of each day, we find and know that success is possible.

Success comes from the spirit of togetherness and when it comes to us at Burton Living, we aren’t just about Outdoor kitchens and Outdoor living spaces, we’re about uniting family and friends, magical moments with unforgettable memories.

And all together, we are Burton Living.


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