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“But wait! There’s more….”

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Welcome one and all, to yet another, Burton Living blog post.

That’s right, we’ve done it again and this time, we’re talking those additional extras that really bring an outdoor kitchen to life, be it a Sink, Bar caddy or most important of all (well, in my opinion anyway..) a Kegorator!

What’s a Kegorator I hear you cry? is it a Dinosaur? A fancy word for Outdoor Kitchen? or maybe what Superman is allergic to? There’s time for that a little later but for now, let’s talk sinks.

Coming in at four different sizes and never compromising on quality.

Bull have done it again and produced high quality, premium sinks made from 316 stainless steel that can be integrated into one of our bespoke or Tribal outdoor kitchens.

Each sink comes with built in drain with overflow and Hot and Cold tap with single lever action, so you never have to stress over internal washers wearing out from repetitive use.

These sinks make life so much easier and they make a great addition to your outdoor kitchen experience by assisting with both food preparation, as well as being able to clean glasses and dishes alike, without the need of an unsteady and time consuming walk back indoors with your hands full.

You’ll even find yourself saving precious time on cleaning dishes in preparation for dessert and let’s face it, no matter what anybody says, there’s always room for dessert!

Whether you’re an all time bar beginner, perhaps even a full time cocktail connoisseur or maybe something in between, this next feature is exactly what you’d want in your dream outdoor kitchen.

The Bull Bar Caddy is an excellent piece of kit and made from premium 304 stainless steel, quality is at it’s absolute highest and you’ll never have to fret over the fear of rust or fading as the years go by.

The Caddy itself comes with built in ice bin (with removable lid) which has the capacity of 15kg! Which we believe is the perfect ratio of cider and ice.

The Caddy also comes with removable condiment tray which has four separate compartments, so there is no risk of cross contamination during your mixing process and not only that, your caddy comes complete with removable speed rail, so you’ll be able to store equipment to mix, pour and prep cocktails at a moments notice without the stress of trying to find what you need.

But that’s not all, the Caddy comes in two differing sizes, the 46cm (above) comes with additional towel holder but the impressive and majestic looking 76cm model comes with all the above AND added extra features such as a built in sink with cold water tap, cutting board for preparing and slicing those garnishes and no home bar is complete without a stainless steel bottle opener.

And now, we’ve reached the piece de resistance…. The Bull Kegorator!

Now, this is a serious piece of kit and is an absolute must for anyone who wishes to entertain, to make a statement or maybe you’re just in need of something to help wash down all that pizza and those lamb chops you’ve cooked on one of our grills.

Whatever the answer, the Kegorator is exactly what you need and not exactly what it says on the tin either.

This imposing unit prides itself on the fact it’s made entirely of high quality, 304 stainless steel and can either be free standing for those parties on the beach or integrated into one of our outdoor bespoke kitchens for a more permeant fixture.

Now it’s time to reveal all and explain exactly what the Kegorator is.

It’s essentially a beer dispenser with built in beer tap and a unit at the bottom that is refrigerated, to help keep your beer keg cool during those warm summer days and nights.

This unit is outdoor rated and comes with front internal vents and external fans, which assist with keeping your keg cool and with built in digital LED control panel, you’ll have complete control over the temperature at which it sits and with reversible, self closing door, you are at the heart of making the Kegorator your own (We hear you lefties out there... or maybe you just don't want to put that bottle or pint down.)

To complete and compliment the Kegorator, it comes with it’s own built in stainless steel, single tap, with lever, perfect for pouring pint after pint of glorious, refreshing amber nectar bit if you’re looking to have more choice available when it comes to which refreshing beverage to pour yourself, friends or family, you can purchase a double tap tower instead.

Double the choice, double the entertainment and double the envy (of your neighbours.)

But if you find yourself at a loss, make ours a Negroni and we’ll talk about what options are available to you.


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