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Bradley Smokers: “No Smoking, Please”.

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Welcome to another Burton Living blog post and I know, you’re probably sat there with more questions than answers.. Well, fret no more and I will put you out of your misery and reveal all.

This post takes us to the year 1986 to be exact, where The Sun Newspaper declared that the late comedian Freddie Starr ate a hamster (Not very Rock‘n’Roll in our opinion) and It was also the year of the devastating Chernobyl disaster.

But our focus is on the Canadian made: Bradley Smoker, which is yet another option which we have available to our customers but this isn’t your standard, charcoal lit smoker, this is something a little different, this is solely an electric affair.

With over 1.5 million sold worldwide and made from tough, high quality stainless steel with insulated and polished stainless innards, this smoker is compact (standing at a humble height of 107cm, 51cm wide and a manageable 32kg) versatile and sleek in both, design and durability with a digital interface to aid on your culinary journey, you’ll have nothing to worry over.

Unlike other contemporary Smokers on the market, Bradley‘s digital display unit is completely programmable and with three different settings, you really will have nothing to worry over.

Whether it’s setting the oven temperature: Where you’ll be able to set a target temperature and the smoker will attempt to maintain temperature whilst displaying the actual internal oven temperature.

Oven Time: You’ll be able to set the time that you’d like the oven to be in operation (Cooking time) and once that time has elapsed, the cooking element will turn itself off, which we think is a great little feature especially considering Bradley‘s slogan is “Set it and forget it.”

And thirdly, Smoking Time: With this you’ll be able to set how long your smoker will generate smoke and this feature can also be ran independently from the cooking time.

With separate Smoke and Oven chambers, there wont be any need to fret over any ash over spill when it comes to cooking as the cooking chamber burns and extinguishes each bisquette, every twenty minutes, which is long enough to prevent your food being left with an awful, ashy taste and not only that, you’re looking at a convenient 8 hours of clean smoking without the need to refill!

Priding themselves on their slogan of “Set it and forget it”, you’ll be able to leave the smoker unattended without the need to continuously check on the smoker whilst you are grilling or smoking, as the units above programming features will make your whole grilling experience easy.

Not only that, with consistent air flow to aid in the cooking process and with an almighty 180 litres of cooking and grilling space, being able to cook up to a maximum temperature of 138 degrees and each unit being able to hold 6 individual, chrome plated cooking racks; this little unit packs a great deal of punch and with CleanSmoke technology, you wont have to fear for the environment either.

The Bradley hails itself as completely weather resistant and when it comes to unique features, the Bradley has one more trick hidden up it’s sleeve and in that, it comes with an option that is completely unlike any of the other units we have available online and in our showroom and that feature, is known as cold smoking.

What’s cold smoking I hear you ask?

Well, Cold smoking is when you’re able to infuse food with the distinct smoked flavour and taste by using very, very little heat (Think: Smoked Salmon), whereas with hot smoking, you’ll be cooking the food Instead.

If this is something that you find to appealing, You’ll be able to purchase a separate unit which fits to your Bradley Smoker seamlessly, to make cold smoking a new experience and possibility.

As with all units and appliances, we have on display via our showroom or online, each can either be bought as a standalone or integrated into one of our outdoor kitchens, be it one of our Tribal range or maybe something a little more personalised to fit yourself or a current project, there’s our bespoke range.

Anything is possible and with Burton Living, there really are No limitations.


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