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Pizza Ovens: “And then, there was fire..”

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Okay, I’m sure it’s not quite how you expected our next blog post to be and before you begin to panic, there really is no need to worry. Today I’m writing about something a little different than usual and just a little cheesy too.. I just hope you’re not lactose intolerant.

Today, I will be writing about the range of Pizza ovens we offer here at Burton Living and not only that, I will compare two very different styles of cooking. Gas and wood fired.

My first focus will be on that glorious taste of real and authentic pizza making with the use of kindling. (Or wood fired to you pizza purists out there.. Try saying that after a few.) At Burton Living, we have both Clementi and Igneus Pizza ovens on view and display within our showroom and both ovens can be bought as either gas or wood fired, the choice really is yours.

I’ll begin with the true taste of Italia coming in the shape of a 430, stainless steel dome, the Clementi pizza oven, first designed in 1975 and with high quality craftsmanship at the forefront, this Italian beauty speak for itself and with a patented air plus system and built in insulation, you are guaranteed that your pizza creation will be cooked to perfection on all sides, every time (but maybe try something different, why not try baking a lamb lasagne within your pIzza oven? Go on.. You know we’ve tempted you.)

With close to fifty years of perfection under their belt, Clementi have outdone themselves as you‘ll go from 0 - 400 degrees within a super quick 15 - 20 minutes and you’ll find yourself using a lot less wood than other conventional pizza ovens on the market (only 4-8kg per hour) and with the Clementi: Family (the 80X60 being showcased within our own showroom on the Essex and Cambridgeshire boarder) you’ll be able to cook a mouthwatering 4 - 5 pizzas in less than 2 minutes. That’s what we call swift pizza service! Now my next focus is on another brand of pizza oven which we showcase here at our showroom, and that is the Igneus Classico.

This little gem of a pizza oven hasn’t been around as long as Clementi and has been designed and created in Portugal for sale in the rest of Europe yet it still retains the same promise as it’s predecessor..

The Classico boasts a cooking time of 0 - 500 degrees within 8 minutes of that first initial light, which is more than enough as optimum cooking temperature for a pizza is within 350 to 450 degrees when cooked on an outside oven and with enough space to cook two 12” pizzas at the same time, you really cannot go wrong.

Both pizza ovens are weather resistant (Rain, snow and frost) and with built in thermometer, so you’re always aware of what temperature you are cooking at but the only difference is that the Igneus: Classico has a built in damper system within it’s chimney, which helps to control and maintain air flow within the oven itself.

However, if you do not wish for the inconvenience of having to stand for lengthy periods of time and want a simplistic and easy way to cook and entertain with similar results, then gas lit may be the option for you. Whilst gas cooking retains the same promise of well cooked pizzas, it loses out to authenticity, taste and in my honest opinion, enjoyment.

There is no greater feeling than creating your own pizza from scratch and then watching as that cheese melts slowly, the dough around the edges beginning to crisp and the flames laying tender kisses to the cured meats and vegetables on the surface.

With wood fired pizza, you are truly spoilt. It is a far more superior and healthier option (Yes, you read that right. Pizza IS healthy.. well, within degree of a reason.) Wood fired pizza retains that freshness and flavour you’ve come to love from an Italian Pizzeria without burnt, dried out toppings.. and any unwanted extras.

Each pizza oven can be bought either as a standalone unit, with it’s own stand or it can be integrated into one of our Tribal outdoor kitchens or if you’re feeling that little bit fanciful, we can also integrate such into one of our outdoor, bespoke kitchens, were each one is designed around you and your requirements.

So whenever there’s fire, let there be pizza too.. Just don’t forget to save us a slice.


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